VIP Publications Limited – Terms and Conditions


These conditions apply to all advertising in our publications, unless we have agreed in writing to other terms with the advertiser “you”.

1. The publisher has the right to refuse or withdraw any advertisement for any reason without consultation, your approval or debate.

2. In accepting an advertisement for publication, and in publishing it, we are doing so in consideration of and relying on, your express warranty, the truth of which is essential, that the advertisement does not contain anything that:

  • is misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive or which otherwise breaches the Fair Trading Act 1986;
  • is defamatory or indecent or which otherwise offends against generally accepted community standards;
  • infringes a copyright or trademark or otherwise infringes any intellectual or industrial property rights;
  • breaches any provision of any statute, regulation, by-law or other rule or law.

3. Publication of the advertisement will not give rise to any liability on our part or in a claim being made against us.

4. You agree to indemnify us against all losses or costs arising directly or indirectly from any breach of the warranties above and from any costs incurred in our making corrections or amendments in accordance with these terms.

5. By supplying or placing an advertisement for publication you grant us a perpetual, royalty free licence to reproduce the advertisement in any print or electronic advertising media we offer advertisers now or in the future.

6. Where you utilise any aspect of our creative services in the design or production of an advertisement (including photographic or design work) you the advertiser acknowledge that we own the copyright in such work and that such work is not work for which a commissioning payment has been made or agreed.

7. The positioning or placing of any material within a particular publication is at our discretion except where specifically agreed to in writing.

8. The guarantees contained in the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993 are excluded where you acquire goods and services from us for the purpose of a business.

Cancellation policy; cancellation of any booked advertisement must be received in writing, seven days prior to print date of the said publication. We reserve the right to apply a 75% charge to any cancellation, which occurs inside the seven-day time limit to recover production costs incurred.

Terms of payment are; all advertisement payments are due in full on the 20th of the month following date of invoice. No other terms are offered or implied. A 5% interest per month charge maybe applied to outstanding accounts/invoices at the discretion of the Publisher. Payment terms are available, but must be discussed and approved with the publisher, prior to the placement of any advertisement.


Reproduction of articles and material published in Professional Skipper in whole or part, is permitted provided the source and author(s) are acknowledged. However all photographic material and regular columns are copyright and written permission to reproduce in any form is required.

Articles and information printed in Professional Skipper or reproduced in these web pages do not necessarily reflect the opinions or formal positions of the publishers or our clients unless otherwise indicated.

All material published in Professional Skipper and in these web pages is done with all due care as regards to accuracy and factual content. The publishers and editorial staff however cannot accept responsibility for any inadvertent errors and omissions, which may occur.

The magazines; Professional Skipper, New Zealand Aquaculture and New Zealand Workboat Review are registered trademarks and remain the property of VIP Publications Limited.

VIP Publications acknowledges all trademarks.

Terms of Trade:

VIP Publications Limited, are the publishers of Professional Skipper, New Zealand Aquaculture and New Zealand Workboat Review magazines and the Skipper Scuttlebutt e’newsletter.

Both Professional Skipper and New Zealand Aquaculture are published bi-monthly, six times a year. Distributed by NetLink to the retail market in New Zealand or by direct mail via NZ Post to all paid up subscribers in the week preceding the bi-month of issue.

New Zealand Workboats Review is published and distributed annually in November of each year.

Subscribers to the electronic version of the magazines will be allocated their unique log in and password and notified via email when the next issue is available to download.

Skipper Scuttlebutt e’newsletter is free and delivered via email during the intervening month of publication.

We contract to publish and deliver the stated magazines in good order and will replace any magazine damaged in transit after being promptly advised of such and the goods returned.

Subscribers may cancel subscriptions or opt out of e’newsletters at anytime by contacting the publisher in writing.

On accepting payment; VIP Publications Limited contracts to publish and deliver the said publications purchased to the purchaser/subscriber for the duration of the contract/subscription issues paid for.

All notifications of change of address and or cancelation must be received in writing.

Any subscription cancelled within 7 days of payment prior to the delivery of the first issue subscribed for, maybe entitled to a refund after receiving such request in writing stating the reasons why. Mistaken or inadvertent subscriptions are accepted within the 7 days notice.

No other refunds are offered or implied in this policy.

Consumer data privacy policy:


VIP Publications Limited is committed to and respects the rights and privacy of our readers and subscribers.

We use DPS Payment Express payment gateway to host/transfer all sensitive credit card data for our payment gateway/shopping cart. This is a separate provider that we have contracted for this purpose only and that we have no other interest in.

DPS Payment Express payment gateway is committed to data security when processing payments for our bankers ANZ. DPS and ANZ use a variety of technologies and procedures to help protect personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Security and the transmission of all credit card payments and personal data is controlled by DPS Payment Express payment gateway through: ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘MasterCard® SecureCode™’.

All personal contact data and email addresses and non financial information collected remains the property of the publisher for the purposes of carrying out our business of distributing our stated publications via post, mail or email. This information will not be offered/shared/sold or traded to any third party for trade, personal gain or reward.

These Terms of Trade and any separate agreements whereby we contract to provide you, the subscriber or public with either product or services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the country New Zealand.

Questions relating to these terms and conditions should be directed to the Publishers:

VIP Publications Limited. 4 Prince Regent Drive, Half Moon Bay, Auckland 2012. New Zealand

PO Box 54025, The Marina, Half Moon Bay, Auckland 2144, New Zealand
Tel: +64 (0)274 818 360 Email:[email protected]
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